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tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"Fantastic Antone Succeeds "                               Kleinfeld/Westcott

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"The Broken Cord "                                               Michael Doris

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"Stolen From Our Embrace"                                 Fournier/Crey

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"The Challenge of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:Overcoming Secondary Disabilities"

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:A Guide for Families & Communities"
                                                                                    Ann Streissguth

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"Recognizing & Managing Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/FAE:                           A Guidebook"                                                            Brenda McCreight                                                    

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)"What You Can Do to Prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:A Professional's Guide"                                                                                      Sheila Blume

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tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)A FAS QUIZ-
Test your knowledge of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

tnyviolt.gif (1165 bytes)These books can be ordered online at

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