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This page is heavy on graphics! Please be patient!

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Don't walk in front of me for I may
not be able to follow. Don't walk
behind me for I may not be able to
lead. Please walk beside me and be my

(Albert Camus)

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Johanna , a friend for 11 years!
We are both members of the Christian Reformed Church.

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Father Francis is the grandpa I never had!
What a great sense of humour he has! I love him very much!

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My dear friend Judie from Westlock. In time
of need she's been there for us!!


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My longtime friend, Jaya 
from Luton, UK and sometimes Canada...

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My friend Wendy
with her husband and two sons!

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My friend Jackie from Hanau, Germany!
We went to high-school together and she is Cody's godmother!

And...last but not least I will add a page of my dear friends who
have passed on.

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