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Stadt des edlen Schmuckes

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The Brothers Grimm Monument  which is located at our

Hanau is located in the state of   Hesse  about 20km east of
Frankfurt and has 91,000 residents. The city is
850 years old and well known as the birthplace
of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm ( pictured above), the world famous
brothers who collected many fairy tales.Who doesn't
know their enchanting fairytales?
Therefore, Hanau is the starting point of the
Fairy-Tale-Road to Bremen, which attracts many

tourists from Germany and other countries.

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The main attractions pictured here on a postcard!
Let's take a tour:

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The Goldschmiedehaus

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One of the pedestrian zones in the Inner City of Hanau.
BTW Wendy's doesn't exist anymore , it has now been replaced
by Pizza Hut.

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Our Harbour
More to come!

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