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Very few people know about the disastrous results of drinking during pregnancy. The baby is born an alcoholic going through withdrawal .Most of the babies will have to stay longer in the hospital due to serious medical problems. The damage of an FAS child can NEVER be undone.The purpose of this site is to promote awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

The subject was brought to my attention when I read the book THE BROKEN CORD by the late Michael Dorris. I also met numerous young people suffering from FAS. It is heartbreaking to see that their chance to reach the full potential of a human being was taken from them before they were even born. The frustration those children have to go through every day is unimaginable.

Here are the words of a young FAS teenager:

" I'm never going to drink because I've already lost too many brain cells. I don't mind
talking about how alcohol hurt me if it will help another kid. My mom's drinking hurt my brain really badly. She was drunk when I was born. I was born drunk.I have to go to the doctor and the dentist so,so much. I'm sick a lot and I have to work really,really hard at homework to keep up. I've met lots of FAS kids like me, and I don't think kids should have to go through what we do. Once my mom asked me, "Kandice, if you had three wishes,
what would you want?" And I thought and thought and I said I'd like a horse or another dog,or lots of money, but more than anything I want a new brain, like a brain of a baby whose mother didn't drink.
My biggest problem is that I'm still lonely. In elementary school I was lonely and now, in highschool, I'm lonely. I don't have anyone to hang out with after school. It's very frustrating at school,too. I keep saying:" Why can't I do things other kids can do? Why can't I learn like them, go to movies like them or think like them,or remember anything?" I start crying. I wish oh,so bad, that my brain could work,that it could be fixed. None of  the regular kids want to be friends with me, because I can't really follow what they are


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Kandice, a teenager from the Gik'san Nation, B.C.
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The background image is that of an
Inukshuk which I took In Vancouver,B.C.
An Inukshuk ( pronounced In-ook-shook )  is an Inuit word meaning "in the image of man". These liferock figures were erected by the Canadian Inuit across the tundra to serve as markers for those that journeyed.
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