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The World of Royalty



I have been interested in Royalty since of five. I still remember   watching the wedding of Beatrix of Holland to Claus von Amsberg on TV or seeing her Her Majesty the Queen, making visits abroad.

I am thankful to my mother for this interest of mine as she was the one who made sure I would watch all Royalty related TV Shows.

When I was a teenager Royalty scrapbooking became a big hobby of
mine. Once I moved to Canada in 1984 I was absolutley delighted that I now had the opportunity to see some of the British Royal in person.

I should mention though that back in Europe while travelling to the Principality
of Liechtenstein in 1980 I saw Fuerst Franz Joseph as well as his daughter , Princess Nora, at a skirace.

Here in Canada I was lucky enough to see the late Princess of Wales, Diana, and her husband at the Vancouver Expo in 1986 ! What excitement! The pictures I took aren't the greatest due to security but I will add them nevertheless. The page I have created first covers the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to Edmonton, Alberta in 1987. I was lucky enough to stand in the second row. Thus I was able to take some nice pics.
BTW SArah was delightful! She was chatting rather nicely with the lady in front of me and she was quite at ease with a little girl as well. Andrew seemed a bit more reserved.

This page will serve as my on-line scrapbook as well as a good resource for roylty links, and some genealogy, another hobby of mine! Time permitting I hope I can achieve this goal this summer.


Visit of the Duke and Duchess of York in 1987 to Edmonton
Expo Visit of Charles and Diana to Vancouver, B.C.
Copyright: Bea 87

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