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Yeiko's  FAS Website
- a very interesting site put together by a B.C. student
AADAC SITE- Alberta's resource site
FAS Prevention Letter Writing Campaign
Government of Alberta Press Relase

FAS U.S. Resource Centre- very informative site with pictures of FAS children
The National Organization On Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
David With F.A.S.- an award winning video by Gil Cardinal and the NFB

Katy-Jo's FAS Page

Rose's Rodney Grant Site-
A Native American actor who is involved in raising
          awareness for FAS.

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Non-Related links:

The Tipi Page- a page designed by the Ermineskin Cree Nation
The Edmonton Native Healing Centre- take a look at al the programs the centre has to offer!
Trail of Tears Page-
great resource site regarding the Cherokee Nation. Comes with wonderful soundfiles and beautiful subpages.
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump-the world's oldest and largest Buffalo Jump.UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southern Alberta. I enjoyed my visit tremendously!
My Personal Health Record Diary- A guide for assembling comprehensive medical information
TeaThyme:Natural Teas and Health Products now available online!!

Sue Harrison/Author- one of my favourite authors who focuses on Aleuttik novels. Make sure to read her new one "Cry of The Wind".
Dana Stabenow- a great mystery author from Anchorage, Alaska
Sacred Spirits CD- a wonderful compilation of sacred chants. Comes with soundfiles.Thanks Julie, for introducing me to this wonderful CD.
Carlos Nakai- very relaxing music.
Peter Kater/Carlos Nakai-
their corraboration on the award winning CD "How The West Was Lost" is one of my favourite CD's.
Secret Service- a Swedish pop-group. Some old pals of mine...Hi Ola!

Agnetha Faeltskog- Ex-ABBA girl

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Background courtesy of Lady Kali
Icons courtesy of Poison's Icons
Song ( MOONLIGHT SHADOW) by Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly

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